Was the 2013 when the Italian designer Fabio Carminati created the first Officine Federali prototype in his workshop in Ticino – Switzerland. From that time on, the brand has developed a collection of industrially inspired accessories with a modern sartorial edge using premium quality leather and fabrics.
In 2014, the product designer Fabio Carminati met the graphic designer Fabio Albarelli and they decided to develop the brand all over Europe. vecchi-materiali-Ispirazione-smallThe brand name reminds to the Helvetic Railways factories and it’s inspired by the functionality and beauty of its workwear and its work tools, designed to resist to extreme use conditions and where each instruments is produced with durable materials and leather inserts, handcrafted to last in time.

we Live

Officine Federali promote an authentic and genuine lifestyle into “doing less but do it better” to escape from the rat race of obsessive materialism. Our bags have no season and no gender and are created to last in time. This is “The way we live”.

we craft

We believe that craftsmanship is the best way to convey our passion and product culture. We blend in traditional production techniques and materials with technical fabrics to create functional urban products with a modern design.
We love the contemporary “bottega” workshop where the scent of Tuscany leather is melted with the smell of the working machinery …
This is “The way we craft”.